Letter Confirms NDP’s Continued Attack on Rural Alberta

Letter Confirms NDP’s Continued Attack on Rural Alberta

EDMONTON, AB: Alberta’s agricultural community is under fire once again as the NDP government puts local Ag Societies at risk, Brian Jean said.

A recently obtained email from the Alberta Association of Agricultural Societies confirms that they’ve been left in limbo as the NDP dithers on future support and funding. Alberta’s Ag Societies provide fundamental support to rural communities and farm families across the province and Jean says leaving them in the dark about future funding decisions will only further erode their trust of government.

“After the divisions created by the NDP’s disastrous introduction of Bill 6, the government should be doing everything they can to support rural Alberta,” Jean said. “Instead, the NDP has joined the Trudeau government in further attacks on Alberta’s rural and agricultural communities.”

The federal Liberals recently announced tax changes that threaten the livelihood of many Alberta farm families by making it much more difficult to invest and grow without government taking an even bigger cut of their income.

“The NDP’s shocking silence in the face of Justin Trudeau’s arrogant assertion that family farm businesses are nothing more than tax shelters was bad enough,” Jean said. “But now instead of supporting Ag Societies, which are a critical part of the quality of life in rural Alberta, the NDP is piling on by threatening significant funding cuts that will jeopardize these important community organizations. Under my leadership, Alberta’s United Conservatives would not let this decision stand. I am committed to fighting for the best interests of rural Alberta and Alberta’s agriculture industry.”