Lethbridge College Opens New Regional Campus in Pincher Creek

Lethbridge College is expanding its services in southern Alberta, by opening a new regional campus in Pincher Creek. The campus officially became part of the college community in late December 2016, with the signing of a collaborative agreement between the college and five community partners in Pincher Creek.

The partner organizations of the Pincher Creek Campus include Pincher Creek Adult Learning Council, Pincher Creek Parent Link Family Centre, the Town of Pincher Creek, Pincher Creek Municipal Library and Matthew Halton High School. The partner organizations will work together with Lethbridge College to identify and serve the educational needs of the local community, and to establish and deliver programs and services throughout several community locations.

A previous regional campus in Pincher Creek operated until 2013, but this new campus will utilize a different format, working directly with partners on community-driven initiatives that will meet the needs of learners in the Pincher Creek area.

“This campus would not be possible without the dedicated support of our community partners,” says Leah Wack, Lethbridge College’s manager of regional stewardship. “Each of the partner organizations provides a representative to serve as an advisory to the college, and they are all exceptionally committed and community-minded individuals.”

“We look forward to increased collaboration and connection with resources to follow through on learner centered needs,” says Monica Sczyrba-Davis, chair of the Lethbridge College Community Advisory Council and Pincher Creek Community Adult Learning coordinator. “Various Pincher Creek organizations have been working together for about a year now to bring about the return of a Lethbridge College regional campus. For the Pincher Creek Community Adult Learning Council, the campus provides support for seamless transition from one learning experience to another within our community and beyond.”

Community members will be able to access a variety of Lethbridge College services including exam and testing services, information about post-secondary programs and institutions, distance learning support, assistance with funding applications and referrals to counseling, advising and other Lethbridge College services. A variety of programs or courses may also be accessible through the Pincher Creek Campus, whether through face-to-face instruction or flexible learning options such as online or video conferencing to meet the needs identified by community partners.

Lethbridge College is currently conducting a survey of educational needs in Pincher Creek, which will provide valuable information to the college and its partners about the programs and services most needed in the community. Adult residents of Pincher Creek are encouraged to take the survey at lethbridgecollege.ca/communitysurvey – participants can win an iPad Mini.

“Pincher Creek is a unique community with the potential for offering a full range of learning resources to its community and surrounding area,” says Sczyrba-Davis. “There are several initiatives in our community that will benefit from a long-term renewed relationship with Lethbridge College.”

In addition to the Pincher Creek Campus, Lethbridge College also operates regional campuses in Claresholm and Vulcan County. The college is actively exploring opportunities to partner with more communities to expand its network of regional campuses.