Lest We Forget: 100th Anniversary of the Start of World War I

Today marks the 100th anniversary of the start of World War One. For The Royal Canadian Legion, and our more than 300,000 members, we do not normally commemorate the start of conflicts. It is only fitting however, that the Legion acknowledges this important date because it was from this conflict that more than 20,000 Canadian Veterans joined together to found The Royal Canadian Legion in 1925.

From these humble beginnings, our membership has grown and it has achieved considerable success to gain privileges and benefits for Veterans which otherwise would not have been awarded. We take considerable pride in the knowledge that there is not a Veteran, male or female, in this country who has not received some benefit through efforts The Royal Canadian Legion in one form or another.

Since 1926, the Legion and its members have been a driving force in building the strength of our great nation by supporting countless activities in our communities, advancing youth leadership development, and always holding the torch of Remembrance ever high.

It should come as no surprise that Legion branches across the country will mark this significant anniversary. By doing so, they will remind all Canadians of this legacy of courage and great sacrifice made, not only by Veterans of WWI, but by all Veterans of yesterday and today. We hope that you will take the time today to remember, and to consider joining the Legion to carry on the great traditions and contributions we make to our great nation.

(Source: Royal Canadian Legion)

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