Legislation enables Gay-Straight Alliances in Schools

The Prentice government has passed legislation that enables gay-straight alliances to be established in schools.

“Since our Government put a pause on Bill 10 in December, we have reflected, listened and learned. Today, we passed an amended Bill 10 that responds to all of those Albertans, including members of opposition parties, who spoke so passionately about protecting our youth. Any students who want a Gay-Straight Alliance will have one at their school.”

~ Jim Prentice, Premier

“Over the last three months, during my consultation with Albertans from all walks of life, I was most struck by youths who are already members of a Gay-Straight Alliance and who say that without a GSA, they would feel lost and alone. I tabled these amendments for these young people, in hopes that they will always have a safe and welcoming community.”

~ Gordon Dirks, Minister of Education

The amended Bill 10 includes the following provisions:

  • Students may set up GSAs in their schools.
  • GSAs may meet on school property.
  • Students may name the club “GSA,” “QSA” or another name of their choosing.
  • The legislation will also enshrine sexual orientation, sex, gender identity and gender expression in the Alberta Bill of Rights as protected grounds from discrimination.

The bill now awaits Royal Assent, and would come into force on June 1, 2015.

Source Government of Alberta