Legion Pleased with Government’s Progress on Treating Reservists Fairly

OP ARCHEROTTAWA, ON – (The) announcement by VAC to propose changes to address ACVA Recommendation #5 is a significant step forward.

“The Legion has been adamant that a Veteran is a Veteran is a Veteran and this applies to benefits and support for rehabilitation programs,” says Royal Canadian Legion Dominion President Tom Eagles. “Our Reservists should be treated fairly and equitably alongside our Regular Force personnel and this includes Reservists who may be Class ‘A’ or ‘B’ for service attributed injuries,” states Eagles.

“While there are many more recommendations contained in the ACVA Report, we are optimistic that the current government is making progress on several outstanding major issues we have been advocating for years. That said, we will continue to monitor the remaining recommendations closely to ensure the government’s commitments meet expectations and urge the government to take action on the remaining recommendations now,” adds Eagles.

ACVA RECOMMENDATION #5: “That all Veterans with service-related disabilities, and their families, be entitled to the same benefits and support as part of their rehabilitation program, whether they are former members of the Reserve Force or of the Regular Force.” (ACVA Report)

Source Royal Canadian Legion