Legion Helps Almost A Thousand Homeless Veterans


OTTAWA, Feb. 9, 2015 /CNW/ – Almost a thousand Homeless and near homeless Veterans have been helped by The Royal Canadian Legion through its “Leave the Streets Behind” program.

“The Royal Canadian Legion has the resources to help Veterans directly and immediately,” says Dominion President of The Royal Canadian Legion, Tom Eagles.  In 2014 alone, the Legion distributed approximately $14.5 Million from our Poppy Funds to Veterans in need – including homeless and near homeless Veterans.

“The plight of homeless and near homeless Veterans is of growing concern which is why we launched our national homeless Veterans program called ‘Leave the Streets Behind’ in 2012,” adds Eagles.  “This program provides immediate financial help and support when and where needed.  It also connects the Veteran with the appropriate social and community services to establish a long-term solution to meet their needs,’ says Eagles.

“Helping our homeless and near homeless Veterans is one more reason why joining the Legion is one of the best ways to help Veterans who, in many cases, have sacrificed so much for this nation and now find themselves asking for a hand-up and not a hand-out,’ says Eagles.

Assistance can be provided for a variety of reasons including medical needs, medical equipment, emergency transport and emergency financial assistance such as food, heating costs and emergency shelter or assistance.  Assistance cannot be provided over an extended period of time but may be offered more than once to an individual.

For more information on our Poppy Funds that may be available to a Veteran in need please visit our website or through our Homeless Veterans program.

SOURCE The Royal Canadian Legion Dominion Command

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