LED Lights Aren’t Just For The Holidays!

By Ian Andrew, Greener Ideal

We’re currently in that period when many people are taking down their holiday decorations.

image4But while most of the modern Christmas lights now use LEDs, the most eco-friendly lighting option available, many don’t consider that this is something that should be used in their household outside of the holiday season.

The environmental benefits of using LED lighting are well known (and well documented), but there is still a misconception that LEDs are too bright and harsh on the eyes. To prove that idea wrong, this year I swapped out some CFL bulbs for soft-lighting LED light bulbs from CREE (available at Home Depot), and the end result was anything but harsh lighting.

image5The soft lighting bulb from CREE not only has a 10-year warranty, it also consumes a whopping 84% less energy than a standard bulb, which adds up to an average savings of $139 over the lifetime of each bulb. They also don’t use any mercury (unlike CFLs), which make them an even more environmentally-friendly choice.

The bulbs are compatible with dimmers, meaning you don’t have to sacrifice functionality for energy efficiency, and they produce omnidirectional light.

So if you’re looking to make some New Year’s Resolutions for 2015, be sure to add “Replace Old Light Bulbs with LEDs” to the list.

Happy New Year!

Source Greener Ideal