Leading by Example on Pay for Premier, MLAs: Premier Kenney

Premier Jason Kenney issued the following statement:

(Aug 6) “Earlier today, the Special Standing Committee on Members’ Services introduced and passed a five per cent pay reduction for MLAs and a 10 per cent reduction for the Premier.

“Out-of-control spending by the previous government put Alberta on track for $100 billion in debt, jeopardizing the future of public services. We were elected with a mandate to be fiscally responsible, and that has to start at the top. Today’s decision is about leadership by example.

“Today’s pay cuts are on top of the five per cent reduction in compensation for MLAs, ministers and the Premier during the Prentice government in 2015. When combined with today’s pay cuts, MLAs will be paid $13,000 less compared to 2014, and the Premier $31,500 less.

“The Members’ Services Committee also reduced MLA travel expenses, eliminating gas cards and harmonizing the standard mileage rate with that of other public servants.

“In addition to these changes, MLA compensation has been frozen since 2014. It is worth noting that there has been no Alberta MLA pension plan since its elimination in 1993, and severance payments have also been eliminated. I want to thank MLAs for accepting these pay cuts, clear evidence that they are motivated by a strong sense of public service.”