Leadership Candidates Call on PC Alberta to Hold Public Debate

Ric McIver and Thomas Lukaszuk, two of the candidates for PC Alberta leader and Premier, today called on the PC party to work with Alberta media outlets to coordinate or support a public debate.

“Make no mistake,” said Ric. “I believe the party has been doing great work engaging members and raising awareness; however, this leadership race will elect the next Premier of Alberta. Our bosses deserve to know the values, policies and vision of their next leader.”

“Our party needs to reach out in a free and open manner to earn Albertans’ respect,” said Thomas. “An open forum allows people to ask questions on the topics important to them, and a debate format allows journalists and candidates to respond to the ideas their colleagues bring forward.”

The candidates sent a joint letter to the party last Friday. Since the candidates declared in May, they have been travelling the province meeting and speaking with Albertans and building support for their individual campaigns. They have also fielded numerous questions from party members and potential voters, asking about why there haven’t been any public or televised debates yet between the leadership candidates.

The first ballot to vote for the next PC leader and Premier will be held on September 5 and 6. A second ballot, if needed, will be held on September 20. Voting will be primarily done online.

August 11, 2014