Labour Forecast Helps Albertans get “Future Ready”

The Occupational Demand and Supply Outlook, 2015-2025, helps employers, students, workers and post-secondary institutions plan for labour-market needs.

The latest Outlook forecasts that 401,000 jobs will be created by 2025, while 352,000 workers will join the labour force by then. Even with the economic challenges caused by the drop in the global price of oil, Alberta’s long-term labour demand is expected to outgrow supply by 49,000 workers over the next 10 years.

“In these challenging economic times, the Alberta government is committed to providing up-to-date labour-market information to help Albertans plan for new career opportunities. The Demand and Supply Outlook is an important tool to help businesses and workers prepare for future labour market needs.”

Christina Gray, Minister of Labour


“Good-quality labour-market information is important in our work with students as we help them make career choices and target their job search. Sifting through the constant flow of labour-market information can be a challenge, but having comprehensive information from a credible source is extremely valuable.”

Joan Schiebelbein, Director, University of Alberta Career Centre
Examples of occupations which could have labour shortages by 2025:
  • Managers in construction and transportation (shortage of 1,386 workers)
  • Computer and information systems professionals (shortage of 1,426 workers)
  • Nurse supervisors and registered nurses (shortage of 5,434 workers)
  • Medical technologists and technicians (shortage of 2,322 workers)
  • Sales and service supervisors (shortage of 1,145 workers)


Alberta leads Canada in providing high-quality data and labour-market information to help employers, students, workers, post-secondary institutions and industry associations begin working to meet the province’s needs in high-demand occupations.

The Outlook forecasts labour-market shortages or surpluses for more than 250 occupations over the next decade.

The forecast helps inform the Government of Alberta’s “Future Ready” effort to co-ordinate education and training from kindergarten to work so all Albertans have the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in a changing economy.