Kite Skiing is trending in Canada’s National Parks

Winter sports enthusiasts never lack imagination when looking for exhilarating experiences – and it’s even more fun in wide-open spaces surrounded by exceptional landscapes. As a result, the national parks in Canada are becoming must-go destinations for activities like kite skiing.

Kite skiing, also called traction, power, and snow kiting, is a winter variation of kite surfing. Wearing skis, skates or standing up on a snowboard, snowkiters glide over snow and ice while being pulled by a kite. With a good wind, significant speeds can be reached and experienced skiers can take off into the air and perform wonderful feats and acrobatics.

Space and wind conditions for all skill levels are optimal in two Canadian national parks: Riding Mountain National Park and Prince Albert National Park. “Clear Lake in Manitoba’s Riding Mountain National Park is the perfect place for kite skiing. Thanks to its snow-covered and obstacle-free open terrain,” says Richard Dupuis, visitor experience manager at the park. Visitors who wish to stay overnight can do so at the Cairns cabin. Located 14.4 kilometres from the south end of the Ochre River trail, this rustic cabin can accommodate up to 12 people. The cabin has a wood stove, armchairs, a sleeping loft with mattresses, a table and benches and an outdoor fire pit.

A few years ago, skiing aficionados discovered Lake Waskesiu in Saskatchewan’s Prince Albert National Park. The wide open frozen lake is often swept by strong westerly winds and is an ideal location for gliding along on the snow. For those wishing to stay overnight under the magnificent northern sky, winter camping is possible with a permit. Campgrounds are closed in winter but camping is allowed at any location at least two kilometers away from public roads and campgrounds. Heated toilets with running water are available at all times at the Waskesiu town site visitor centre.

Kite skiing is perfect for surfers who want to experience an adrenalin rush in the winter and growing numbers of enthusiasts are visiting our national parks where the vast frozen spaces and breathtaking scenery guarantee a memorable experience.

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