Kill Bill 6, Listen to Farmers: Wildrose


EDMONTON, AB (December 9, 2015): Today, Wildrose called for the NDP to kill Bill 6, and develop a Farm Safety Panel that would ensure an industry-driven approach, led by farmers, on how to best improve farm safety across Alberta. 

“Albertans who run our family farms have spoken loud and clear: pull Bill 6 and begin real consultation,” Wildrose Leader Brian Jean said. “Our recommendations are sensible and put families back in the driver’s seat on conversations that will directly impact their homes and their livelihoods.”

The proposed Farm Safety Panel would be comprised of family farmers and members across the agricultural community to have an industry-driven approach to improve safety on Alberta farms. 

The panel would also split up the omnibus Bill 6 legislation for study and provide direct recommendations on how to address each proposal regarding: 

·       Labour Relations;

·       Occupational Health & Safety;

·       Employment Standards; and

·       Workers’ Compensation Benefits. 

“No one cares more about safety on farms than the moms and dads who run them across the province,” Wildrose Shadow Jobs, Skills, Training and Labour Minister Grant Hunter said. “The NDP government cannot ram through this piece of legislation when farmers feel like their trust has been broken. This strategy will formalize consultation with farmers, and make sure the real experts are in charge.” 

Wildrose Shadow Agriculture Minister Rick Strankman said he’s been overwhelmed by the feedback from farmers and ranchers who feel like they’ve been ignored throughout the entire Bill 6 process. 

“Farmers and ranchers have driven hours with their families to try and have their voices heard. Sadly, too often these meetings have been ‘come-and-be-told’ meetings instead of real consultation,” Strankman said. “The NDP must back down from forcing this on farmers who are clearly and starkly opposed to Bill 6. Let’s listen and consult, not lecture and dictate.”