KidSport Launches Give the Gift of Sport Campaign

No child should be left on the sidelines. This is the philosophy behind KidSport, a proud Promise Partner since 2004. KidSport provides support to all kids under 18 by removing financial barriers which prevent them from playing organized sports.

This holiday season marks KidSport’s third annual Give the Gift of Sport Campaign, wherein funds raised go directly to helping more kids get off the sidelines and into the game. After raising nearly $20,000 during last year’s campaign, KidSport has increased its fundraising goal to $25,000 for the 2014 holiday season. To Give the Gift of Sport so that ALL kids can play, click here!

A child's thank you letter to KidSport for helping her enroll in ballet classes
A child’s thank you letter to KidSport for helping her enroll in ballet classes

Thanks to KidSport, as well as its sponsors and volunteers, children are given the opportunity to swing a bat, shoot a puck, or attend a dance class for happier, healthier lives. Every child should be given the opportunity to learn important values through organized sports, such as co-operation, team play, personal excellence, and self-esteem building – all of which will play a critical role in the personal and professional development of a young person. Through the benefit of sport, KidSport is building a better Alberta.

KidSport is looking for partners to help spread awareness of who they are and how they can help kids pursue their athletic goals. If you or your organization are interested in partnering with KidSport, please contact Laura Burton-Kopustas, Partnership Coordinator with Alberta’s Promise.

Source Alberta’s Promise