Keystone XL Ruling: Statement from Premier Kenney

Premier Jason Kenney issued the following statement in response to the Nebraska Supreme Court ruling on Keystone XL:

“Today’s approval is encouraging news for both Alberta and our nation as a whole. This court victory is another step forward for this vital pipeline project after far too many years of regulatory delays and hurdles.

“We were elected on a platform to fight to get every possible pipeline project built to get our oil and gas resources to market. This includes Keystone XL.

“In all of our government’s engagement with U.S. officials, we have consistently stated that this pipeline is critical to North American security and prosperity. Alberta is a stable, secure and responsible energy supplier to the United States that can be relied on at a time of geopolitical uncertainty.

“As we have seen all too often, opponents of responsible energy development will continue efforts to block and obstruct progress. We will continue to be vigilant and engage wherever possible to make this project a reality.

“Once complete, this pipeline will greatly improve Alberta’s ability to access the U.S. Gulf Coast – one of the largest refining centres in the world. 

“We are also grateful to the U.S. administration for issuing a second permit for KXL, which should remove any legal uncertainty about this pipeline project.  

“While we welcome today’s decision, Canadians should understand that our country needs to take steps to take control of our own economic future. It is essential that the Trans Mountain Pipeline be built, and the federal government’s disastrous ‘No More Pipelines’ Bill (C-69) and West Coast Tanker Ban (C-48) must be repealed so that we can deliver Alberta’s responsible energy to international markets.

“Our government will continue to stand up for Alberta, protect the value of energy exports, grow our economy and create good jobs.”