Kenney Targets NDP’s Four Years of Economic Failure

Announces that United Conservative Jobs Plan will start with Job Creation Tax Cut on Employers

Calgary, AB (March 1, 2019): The NDP’s handling of the Alberta economy is “a record of total failure,” United Conservative Party leader said Jason Kenney today.

In a major speech making the case for economic change, Kenney delivered a stinging indictment of the NDP’s economic policies, and the consequences for Albertans.

“Are you better off today than you were four years ago?” Kenney asked. “For regular Albertans, the answer is clearly ‘no.’”

“The NDP came to office with a lot of promise four years ago. Albertans wanted change. They were tired of entitlement. And many voters were willing to take a chance on a new direction.

But gradually what Albertans saw was a government that made decisions based on ideology, not common sense. A government that thought it could tax, borrow and regulate its way to prosperity. A government that made a bad situation much worse.”

Using economic data, Kenney painted the picture of a contracting economy, plunging investment and massive government debt, leading to falling wages, job losses and personal and business bankruptcies. He said that while damaging NDP policy decisions led us here, a United Conservative government would bring forward rapid change to get Alberta back to work.

“The truth is that I’m an optimist,” Kenney said. “The good news is that these circumstances are not an accident. They are the result of choices. And so they can be fixed by better choices. They can be addressed by real change.”

“But doing so will require bold, decisive action.”

Kenney announced today that the heart of the United Conservative election platform will be an Alberta Job Creation Plan.

“It starts with the Carbon Tax Repeal Act. Bill 2 will be the Open For Business Act, that will cut red tape and job killing policies,” Kenney said.

“The centrepiece of the Alberta Job Creation Plan will be a Job Creation Tax Cut on employers to get Albertans back to work.”

Further details on the Job Creation Tax Cut will be released on Monday, but Kenney hinted at what’s to come.

“Alberta had the highest levels of growth, the highest incomes, the highest levels of employment and investment for decades because we created the right economic conditions,” Kenney said. “One of our core advantages was having the lowest tax rate on job creators, at 10 percent.  But since the NDP raised the rate by 20 percent to punish employers, our business tax rate is now higher than 49 US states, plus Quebec and Ontario, and we have no advantage over our neighbouring provinces of BC and Saskatchewan.”

“We can’t continue like this.”

Kenney predicted that the NDP will continue to play on old class warfare resentments and claim that the Job Creation Tax Cut will reduce government revenues, but reminded the audience that NDP’s 20 percent increase in the tax rate on business actually resulted in lower government revenues for four straight years.

“Friends, we can’t afford not to take bold action. Either we do so by bringing investment and jobs back to Alberta, or we continue to face economic stagnation, as more Albertans lose their jobs, their homes, and their hope.”

“The NDP’s choice is to play the politics of resentment and division.”

“But our choice is to act, to build, to grow.”