Kenney Remains Focused: Jobs, Economy, Pipelines

During the 2019 Leaders Debate, only one leader remained focused on getting Albertans back to work

EDMONTON, AB – United Conservative leader Jason Kenney was the only leader in tonight’s televised debate that remained focused on addressing Alberta’s economic challenges.

While NDP leader Rachel Notley focused on issues that divide Albertans, Jason Kenney outlined the United Conservative plan to restore Alberta’s economy, including policies to promote job growth.

Missing from the NDP re-election pitch to Albertans throughout the debate? Jobs and the economy. And it’s no wonder why:

According to the latest figures from Statistics Canada, Alberta lost 48,000 full-time jobs over the last four months under NDP mismanagement. After four years of NDP mismanagement, unemployment is up, wages are down, debt is up, there are precisely 0 new pipelines, and the NDP have offered no plan to address these challenges.

Albertans can learn more about Jason Kenney and the United Conservatives’ plan to get Albertans back to work here: