Keeping Winter Road Safety Top of Mind


Drivers are reminded to be prepared for winter road conditions and modify their driving habits accordingly.

Unpredictable weather is a hallmark of Alberta winters and can wreak havoc on our roads. The Alberta government works closely with highway maintenance contractors all winter long to ensure the provincial highway network is clear and open following major weather events, such as snow or freezing rain.

Contractors are prepared and have a plan for severe weather. When storms are forecast, foremen track weather patterns and will adapt accordingly to tackle localized conditions. Since mid-October, hundreds of snowplow operators have been on call responding as needed when highways become slippery or when snow begins to accumulate.

“We all know that Alberta’s weather can change suddenly and drastically. That’s why our maintenance contractors are on call 24/7. But drivers also need to be prepared by slowing down, driving to conditions, and choosing to stay off the roads entirely when conditions are extreme.”

Brian Mason, Minister of Transportation

“In the age of all-wheel drive and winter tires, sometimes motorists forget that Mother Nature is still in charge. Even though our highway maintenance contractors have the latest technologies and snow removal methods, it’s vital for motorists to exercise extra attention and caution when driving on winter highways.”

Gene Syvenky, Chief Executive Officer, Alberta Roadbuilders & Heavy Construction Association

“Contract employees work hard to get you to your destination safely. We ask that you work with us to ensure we all get home safely. Expect the unexpected, slow down, drive to the conditions, and please give us room to work – a working plow truck will be travelling between 30 and 60 kilometers per hour.”

Graeme Douglas, Operations Manager, Carmacks Maintenance Services Ltd.

Safer Winter Highways campaign

Alberta Transportation and its highway maintenance partners have joined forces again this year for the 2015-16 Safer Winter Highways campaign. This campaign works with media and the public to teach people about high?tech snowplows, introduces them to experienced operators, organizes snowplow ride-alongs and explains the workings of changeable highway message signs.

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