Justin Trudeau Pitches a Medicare Approach to Fight Climate Change in Canada

CALGARY – A future Liberal government will take a medicare approach to the fight on climate change by working with the provinces and territories to reduce greenhouse gases, announced Liberal Party of Canada Leader, Justin Trudeau.

“I strongly believe, as do many Canadians, that our children’s future requires us to take meaningful action to reduce carbon emissions and confront climate change,” said Mr. Trudeau. “While many of our provinces and territories have already introduced their own initiatives, history shows that Canada works best when all orders of government work together to forge solutions to complex problems – just as we have on issues like health care and pensions.”

In a speech before the Canadian Club of Calgary, Mr. Trudeau announced that if he is elected Prime Minister, he will welcome provincial and territorial leaders to join him at the upcoming Paris climate conference, and within 90 days, hold a First Ministers meeting to work together on a framework for combating climate change. Central to this will be the creation of national emissions-reduction targets. Provincial and territorial governments will then have the flexibility to design their own policies to meet these commitments, including their own carbon pricing policies. Furthermore, a Liberal government will provide them with targeted federal funding to help achieve these goals, similar to how the federal government supports health care in Canada.

“We need to start a new conversation in this country – one that represents a respectful dialogue between governments and Canadians, and positions Canada to be competitive in a global economy focused on reducing greenhouse gas emissions,” said Mr. Trudeau. “Liberals are serious about engaging in an open and innovative partnership with the provinces and territories, as we work together to fulfill our environmental responsibilities.”