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Justice Minister Needs to Provide Direction on Framework for Naming of Homicide Victims: UCP

EDMONTON, AB: United Conservative Party Caucus Justice Critics Angela Pitt and Mike Ellis released the following statement urging the Justice Minister to show leadership on the issue of naming homicide victims in the province:

“News that Alberta’s eleven police chiefs have developed a new set of rules surrounding the naming of homicide victims in our province calls into question why the Justice Minister has been largely silent on the topic.

“We applaud the united Police Chiefs for their leadership and efforts on this issue, but now we need to see action from the Province. The Minister needs to show leadership and assist in providing direction on this matter that is of significant public interest.

“There continues to be gaps in protocol from police service to police service in our province, and it is incumbent upon the Minister to ensure there is one standard framework that is adhered to province-wide.

“We have seen previous concerning instances where the Minister has refused to show leadership, including carding and taking swift action on the Jordan decision – she needs to get on top of these files immediately.”

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