June is Wildflower Festival time in Waterton again!

Waterton Park, Alberta:  The wildflowers of Waterton will, once again, occupy center stage June 19-27th in Waterton Lakes National Park, as the 12th annual Waterton Wildflower Festival marks the return of summer to one of Canada’s most flower-friendly places.

Wildflower Festival compactWaterton is often called the Wildflower Capital of Canada, because of the unique blend of wind, water and temperature that helps to create the stunning array of more than 1000 plants that are found here. Over half of Alberta’s plant species are found in this small park, including many rare plants like the Mountain lady’s slipper orchid, and the week-long Festival offers the best opportunity to get to know about these plants and the remarkable place in which they grow.

Through guided walks and evening talks, experts will share their knowledge of all things floral, while photography and art workshops will allow you to capture close-ups and blossom artistically.   You can seek out flowers from the edge of a hiking trail, the bow of canoe, the saddle of a horse, or the screen of a slide show, and paint them, hear stories about them, make art cards using them and learn how to grow them in your own garden.

New at the Festival this year are an all-day photography course with well-known Instagrammer Jeff Spackman, all day walks with outdoorsman Edwin Knox and the authors Ian Wilson and Jacinthe Lavoie, 3 separate general and open air, art workshops and a stroll with outdoors adventurer, and wilderness physician Dr Bill Hanlon designed to connect your inner landscape to the natural world.

For those familiar with the Festival, Margaret Best will be back with 2 separate botanical arts workshops, Lyndon Penner will be there to share his wit and knowledge and tea and pie will be served with side dishes of local lore and awe-inspiring panorama views, at the Hawks Nest.

For those not florally inclined, there are courses in night photography and morning songbird choruses, along with musical offerings from Wailback, and the Singing Wardens, and fun for the whole family with the Mountain Wit and Teenie Weenie Theatre Group.

For more information and tickets go to: www.watertonwildflowers.com or phone 1.800.215.2395

Tickets are on sale now and some courses are selling out, so don’t delay.