Jump On to Share Fuel Cost Savings with Customers


Calgary, Alberta – Jump On Flyaways, an innovative airplane sharing service, is taking the road less travelled, by crediting 100% of fuel cost savings directly to customers.

“While the big airlines pocket the fuel savings windfall, we will pass 100% of the fuel savings on to our customers,” says CEO Roger Jewett. “We believe in transparency, and as long as fuel prices remain low, our customers will receive the benefit.”

“Jump On will pass on 100% of fuel cost savings to its customers,” says CEO Roger Jewett
“Jump On will pass on 100% of fuel cost savings to its customers,” says CEO Roger Jewett

Jewett explains, “The fuel savings will be applied to reduce our already low fares. Customers will see the fuel credit on our website (gojumpon.com) and on their booking receipts. Savings will vary depending on the current fuel price and flight duration. At current fuel prices, savings will range from $5 to $15 per one-way ticket.  Our goal is to provide Canadians access to low costs flights, and this is just one of the ways we do it.”

“By accessing idle charter aircraft at discounted rates, passing on savings such as reduced fuel costs, and only departing once the ‘Jumping  Point’ is reached, we offer prices up to 65% off scheduled airline fares.”

Earlier (in February), Jump On announced a new agreement with charter airline partner Enerjet that provides greater access to the airline’s fleet of Boeing 737s, allowing Jump On to create more low-cost flights for Canadians.

About Jump On!!      

Jump On Flyaways participates in the sharing economy by offering a Calgary-based airplane sharing service with a unique way for Canadians to access low-cost flights. By contracting idle aircraft from charter airlines at discounted rates, scheduling convenient one-way and return flights promoted through social media and only departing if a minimum number of seats are sold, Jump On offers consumers 30% to 65% off typical scheduled airline prices.

Jump On continues to add departure cities (e.g. Edmonton, Vancouver and Kelowna) and offers low-cost flights to destinations including Vancouver, Kelowna, Fort McMurray, Las Vegas, Toronto, Phoenix, Palm Springs and San Francisco.  www.gojumpon.com