Joint media release of Foothills School Division and Christ the Redeemer Catholic Schools regarding school sites within the Town of Okotoks

As two school divisions serving the Okotoks community, our primary concern is to offer high quality programming to students, in safe and appropriate facilities. As Okotoks residents are well aware, there is urgent and pressing need for both divisions to have school sites within the Town of Okotoks made available as soon as possible.

Our school divisions have been involved in discussions for a number of years, both separately and jointly, with the Town of Okotoks concerning the need to find new or expand current school sites within the Town.

Both divisions are pleased about a very recent development in which the Town has invited us to meet regarding the D’Arcy and Wedderburn parcels of land recently purchased by the developer. It is important that as school divisions we are able to provide input early in the development process about the need for school sites. We both believe these meetings with the developer were very positive, and appreciate the Town’s role in facilitating these meetings.

Foothills School Division and Christ the Redeemer Catholic Schools have both stated our willingness to cooperate in sharing school sites located on the same parcel of land to make better use of areas such as parking and playground/field spaces. We both look forward to the availability of school sites early in development of these parcels of land. Any work the Town of Okotoks can do to help expedite this process is very important and appreciated in continuing to meet the needs of our ever-growing student population.

John Bailey                                                                                   Scott Morrison
Superintendent of Schools                                                             Superintendent of Schools
Foothills School Division                                                                Christ the Redeemer Catholic