John Barlow, MP: Eddie and Jessica Maurice Testify at Standing Committee on Public Safety

Ottawa, ON – Thursday, John Barlow, Member of Parliament for Foothills, welcomed constituents Eddie and Jessica Maurice to Ottawa as witnesses testifying in front of the Standing Committee on Public Safety on the study into rural crime.

Following their testimony, John Barlow issued the following statement:

“Rural crime is one of the top domestic issues in Canada, consistently dominating headlines nationwide, as was the case with Eddie and Jessica Maurice earlier this year.

“Mr. Maurice was the victim of a rural crime on his property in Okotoks. The impact on Mr. Maurice and his family has been profound and eight months later he is still overcoming systematic hurdles to get his life back to normal.

“Eddie and Jessica shared their story with the Members on Public Safety Committee today, which brought a true human aspect and understanding to this study of rural crime.

“Many of the Members on Committee are from urban ridings, and prior to hearing this testimony may not have truly grasped the challenges facing homeowners across rural Canada.

“A recent RCMP report noted property crime in rural Alberta has increased by 41% in the past 5 years, although Alberta’s population only increased by 8%.

“This is a crisis in rural Canada and we need to find solutions to keep our communities safe. I appreciate Eddie and Jessica taking time away from their family and businesses to testify at Committee and bring the message to Ottawa change needs to occur to address rural crime.”