Jim Prentice releases donors list ahead of leadership vote

(Calgary) All financial contributions to date have been disclosed a full week ahead of the leadership vote on September 6, said PC leadership candidate Jim Prentice.

“I am fulfilling a commitment I made at the outset of my campaign to proactively disclose all donations to date ahead of the first ballot,” said Prentice. “I’m very proud of my campaign for their efforts, and the outstanding work we’ve done fundraising.”

Although the campaign was prohibited from fund-raising using membership lists, $1,810,634 have been raised to date. The majority of individual contributors gave $250 or less.

“These numbers give me a lot of confidence that what I’m talking about is resonating with Albertans, and I’m grateful for the level of grassroots support we’ve received,” said Prentice.

The donors list disclosed today is a clear indication of Jim Prentice’s ability to fundraise, which will be critical for the PC party going into the next election.

“One of the priorities I’ve been speaking of throughout this campaign is the need for transparency and accountability in government,” said Prentice. “I am proactively disclosing all of my donations well ahead of Elections Alberta requirements, because this is the kind of honest leadership that Albertans are asking for right across this province. I hope the other two candidates will join me in my commitment to transparency in their campaigns.”

In the final week of his campaign, Jim Prentice’s campaign will remain focused on selling memberships, connecting with Albertans in their communities, and supporting hard-working campaign volunteers in getting out the vote for September 5 & 6.

By the numbers (as of August 27, 2014):

• Gross donations: $1,810,634 from 564 donors

• Donations of $250 or less: 203 donors

• Donations of $251 to $1,000: 180 donors

• Donations of $1,001 to $10,000: 142 donors

• Donations of $10,001 to $30,000: 39 donors

Full list of campaign donations: http://jimprentice.ca/disclosure.pdf