Jean Statement on the End of Merrifield’s Appointment in Washington


EDMONTON, AB: Wildrose Leader Brian Jean released the following statement on the end of Rob Merrifield’s appointment as Alberta Representative to Washington. 

“Now is a pivotal time for our province’s future. As Mr. Merrifield noted, issues like Soft Lumber, Country of Origin Labeling and market access for projects like Keystone XL require a strong voice on behalf of the Alberta government. 

“This requires an approach that goes beyond ideology or lines of partisanship and focuses on doing what’s best for Alberta. 

“Premier Rachel Notley has instead cut ties with an effective and highly qualified representative, in our most important trading relationship, without laying out any details or timelines for when his position will be replaced. We cannot continue to pretend Alberta can be isolated from the world without having a detrimental impact on our economy here at home. 

“On her first international trip, Ms. Notley chose to not visit Washington, the centre of political decision making in the United States, on behalf of our province. Sadly, the federal NDP have only ever gone to Washington to advocate against the Keystone XL pipeline. 

“I encourage Ms. Notley to look at examples at the federal level where the appointment of Ambassador Gary Doer was done for the best interests of Canada and advancing our shared economic interests.” 

In August, Jean sent a letter to the White House and Congressional leadership asking for the approval of the Keystone XL pipeline.