Jean releases Standing up for Albertans! Wildrose’s Five Priorities

Wildrose Leader Brian Jean released Standing Up for Albertans! Five Priorities for a better Alberta under Wildrose leadership.

The five priorities focus on:

1.     Standing Up for Low Taxes, Balanced Budgets and a Savings Plan

2.     Standing Up for Patient-Centred Health Care and Seniors Care

3.     Standing Up for World-Class Education

4.     Standing Up for Democracy and Accountability in Alberta

5.     Standing Up for Rural Alberta

“The PC plan under Jim Prentice means higher taxes, higher spending and less services.  Our five priorities mean no tax increases, smaller government, economic growth, improved services and stronger communities,” Wildrose Leader Brian Jean said. “I am excited to talk about our positive vision for the province and share with them our priorities to stand up for Albertans on the issues they told us matter most.”

Highlights of the five Wildrose priorities include:

✔ Balanced budget by 2017 without increasing taxes, while protecting front line services

✔  Cut PC waste and cronyism by capping severances, reducing managers and eliminating corporate welfare

✔  Implement a ‘Wait Time Guarantee’ to reduce surgical and specialist wait times

✔  Eliminate mandatory school fees

✔  Back to basics on education curriculum and grading

✔  Institute recall and pass legislation banning MLAs elected under one party from crossing to another without a by-election

In contrast with the bold and positive priorities put forth by Jean today, the PC plan not only burdens today’s families with record tax increases, it irresponsibly puts record debt onto future generations.

“Albertans have told us their priorities are to cut wasteful spending, have a real plan to grow our economy, and bring the era of PC entitlement to a crashing end,” Jean said. “Our five priorities show the only one way to stop taxes from going up, to fix health care and strengthen democracy is to vote Wildrose.”

On May 5, Albertans have an important choice to make: a vote for higher taxes, higher spending and less services, or a vote for the Wildrose – a party dedicated to no tax increases, and a positive vision for jobs, growth and prosperity. The only way to stop your taxes from going up is to vote Wildrose.

The full document can be viewed here.