Jean Readies Wildrose for Snap By-Election Call


EDMONTON, AB: Wildrose Official Opposition Leader Brian Jean reacted (Thursday) with disappointment to the snap by-election that has been called for the riding of Calgary-Foothills.

“The NDP government has known for months that the Wildrose nomination for Calgary-Foothills was set for August 15,” Jean said. “On top of that, doubling down on elections while a federal campaign is underway will only add to voter fatigue and a lower turnout.”

In the first short months of an NDP government, the NDP have hammered Albertans and their businesses by going on a debt stampede, reopening royalty reviews and climate change policy and hiking personal and business taxes, all with oil at under 50 dollars a barrel.

“I have confidence that the NDP record will speak for itself during this by-election campaign, and voters will react accordingly,” Jean said. “Wildrose will be ready with a candidate to take on the NDP on issues that matter to the people of Calgary-Foothills.”

Wildrose will be ready with a candidate to stand up to the NDP on the issues that matter to the people of Calgary-Foothills.