Jean Gives NDP Economic Performance a Failing Grade


EDMONTON, AB – Wildrose Leader Brian Jean released the following statement, in response to Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s review of Alberta’s NDP government.

“The NDP’s performance since taking office is deeply concerning. In just a few short months and before we’ve even seen a budget, Notley’s NDP have delivered body blows to an already reeling economy.

“What Albertans need now is certainty, and the NDP are giving anything but.

“Families, small businesses, and our province’s oil and gas sector are all getting a harsh awakening to NDP economics at the worst possible time.

“From going on a debt stampede, tripling the carbon levy, reopening royalty reviews and climate change policy to hiking personal and corporate taxes, the NDP are not standing up for Albertans.

“They are standing by idly as one of the most important projects for Alberta’s economy, Keystone XL, stands to be defeated in the United States.

“In a time of economic turmoil, Alberta needs a government that will stand up for its interests, not pursue a destabilizing, ideological economic agenda when we can least afford it.

“Rest be assured that Wildrose will continue to hold the government to account, and be the voice Albertans need and deserve to navigate this economic downturn.”