Jean Condems Keystone XL Rejection


EDMONTON, AB (November 6, 2015): Today, Wildrose Leader Brian Jean released the following statement condemning US President Barack Obama’s rejection of the Keystone XL pipeline:

“It’s deeply disappointing the current White House administration rejected a pipeline that would have secured North America’s energy security, and meant tens-of-thousands of jobs for both Albertans and Americans. We are glad TransCanada remains committed to this project.

“Wildrose rejects the assertion made today that Alberta oil is somehow dirtier than products in America or imported across the world. It is simply false and misleading. Both Venezuela and California oil fields have higher per-barrel emissions.

“Further, we are discouraged Premier Rachel Notley has failed to stand up and fight for this important project over the past several months. Instead, she has spoken against it.

“Wildrose wants to build on the work of Alberta’s incredible progress on environmental stewardship, but by rejecting Northern Gateway and changing the rules on the Kinder Morgan pipeline, hopes for getting product to tidewater now rest entirely on the Energy East project.

“Now more than ever it’s critical that Alberta has a strong national voice advocating for this project, one that doesn’t apologize for our industry.

“Wildrose will fight for pipelines in every direction, and stand up for Alberta jobs and industry on the international stage.”