Jean calls on Premier Notley to Repudiate Anti-Alberta Posturing by Mulcair’s NDP


EDMONTON, AB: Wildrose Official Opposition Leader Brian Jean released the following statement in response to a position taken by star NDP candidate Linda McQuaig that Alberta’s oilsands should be left in the ground so that Canada can hit its climate change targets:

“While the federal NDP have a long tradition of campaigning against Alberta and its energy sector, it is deeply concerning to see one of their star candidates and top spokespersons on national television calling for a moratorium on oilsands development.

“As the MLA from Fort McMurray I know that Alberta’s oilsands have been a leading driver of Alberta and Canada’s economy and a source of hundreds of thousands of direct and indirect jobs.  Developing the oilsands means prosperity for all Canadians.

“Premier Notley may be a member and supporter of Thomas Mulcair’s NDP but as Premier of Alberta she must actively  repudiate this crazy idea in the strongest terms possible.”