Jean Calls for Alberta’s Interests to be Protected in Energy Strategy Talks


EDMONTON, AB – Wildrose Leader Brian Jean released the following statement calling on Premier Rachel Notley to stand up for Alberta’s interests during energy strategy talks at the Council of the Federation.

“Giving provinces veto power over critical energy projects for all of Canada is a dangerous slippery slope that will hurt the long-term prosperity of our country.

“We don’t believe Canada’s energy interests and pipeline projects should be put to ultimatums while foreign oil tankers do not receive nearly the same level of scrutiny.

“I would hope that Premier Notley finds this presumption of control alarming, and we call on her to be a strong voice at the table in working towards a strategy that ensures Alberta’s resources get to market and our interests are protected.

“A responsible and measured strategy is necessary to ensure Alberta continues to be a global leader in not only sustainable energy extraction but the servicing and manufacturing sectors that support it.

“Under my leadership, Wildrose will always stand up for Alberta’s interests, and pressure the government to develop policies that make Alberta a leader here in Canada and internationally.”