Jean Announces Policy to Fix Justice System, Defend Victims and the Vulnerable

GRANDE PRAIRIE, AB: Getting tough on those who commit violent crimes, providing more resources to victims of sexual assaults, and tackling the rise of dangerous opioids and addictions highlight Brian Jean’s new policy to fix the justice system.

The policy, Here for Victims and the Vulnerable: Strengthening our Justice System, was released today in Grande Prairie with United Conservative MLA Todd Loewen. The document in full can be read here.

Highlights of Jean’s plan include:

  • Stopping dangerous offenders, murderers, rapists, and others on the sex offender registry from changing their names so communities know when they are in their midst;

  • Improving physical and digital monitoring of those on probation, especially those convicted of child sexual offenses;

  • Combatting the fentanyl crisis; and

  • Increasing resources to tackle human trafficking in Alberta.

“Under the NDP, Albertans have seen crime rise across the province as victims watch accused criminals have their trials delayed because of excessive delays and a lack of resources in the courts,” Jean said. “I will be here for victims and the vulnerable across the province. We must protect the dignity of every man, woman and child in our province. That means treating those harmed by the impacts of crime with incredible compassion, but keeping dangerous people off our streets.”

Jean’s policy includes a commitment to put reallocate more resources to crown prosecutors and pressure the federal government to hire more judges. Over the past year, courts in Alberta have thrown out hundreds of trials, including against those accused of DUIs and assaulting a peace officer.

Today’s announcement also came with a commitment to focus on tackling the rise in crime across rural Alberta by working work with the RCMP and ALERT to improve rural crime enforcement, particularly regarding break-ins and drug trafficking.

“The NDP has all but abandoned rural Alberta during their time in government. It’s time for leadership that understands the importance of safe communities in every region of Alberta,” Jean said. “Only our campaign and vision can save Albertans from the NDP and unify every single corner of our province.”