Jagmeet Singh Launches Election Campaign

This election, Jagmeet is In It for You

LONDON (Sept 11, 2019) – Today, surrounded by candidates and supporters, NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh launched his 2019 election.

Jagmeet’s New Deal for People invests in services people need, makes life more affordable and fights the climate crisis.

“For too long, Liberal and Conservative governments have been making life easier for the rich, and harder for everybody else,” said Singh. “Throughout the country I meet people working hard, looking to be treated fairly and just wanting to live a good life. These are the people the NDP has always worked for. These are the people I’m in it for.”

Four years ago, Justin Trudeau charmed us with pretty words and empty promises. It’s clear Justin Trudeau is not who he pretended to be, and people have been paying the price. And Andrew Scheer would rather cut taxes for big corporations and cut services Canadians count on. That’s what Conservatives do.

“Liberals and Conservatives have shown they are in it for their rich friends, not for you,” added Singh. “New Democrats are different. We won’t just say the right things, we will actually do them. Canadians can count on us to fight for them.”

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