It’s time for new energy in Alberta

By Greg Clark, the Alberta Party

It’s been a remarkable few weeks in Alberta politics. Across the province it’s clear that Albertans have “got it”. On the doorsteps, in coffee shops and in seniors homes, citizens have expressed deep concern about the future of our province and the need for change.

Everyone understands that the PCs have made our provincial government far too dependent on oil revenues. The size of your children’s classes shouldn’t depend on the price of oil, and neither should the quality of your family’s healthcare.

The Alberta Party has a better way

We have provided a balanced approach to Alberta’s fiscal challenges. The Alberta Party’s Economic Recovery Plan would implement a fairer tax system and a smarter approach to investing in the infrastructure we need to deal with our growing population.

We advocated for strategic investments in healthcare, including new long-term care beds, preventative care and new health facilities to better serve our families.

We have stood with our public school trustees and parent councils who raised the alarm about the dramatic increase in class sizes that will occur under the PCs’ plan which will see 36,000 kids join Alberta’s public school system without providing any new teachers.

We have talked about the other issues that matter to you. We released a comprehensive platform, which addressed post secondary education, flood mitigation, ethics, energy and the environment and a whole lot more.

And we have listened to you and gained a deep understanding of your hopes and dreams for our province.

We are so close! We can win!

As our campaign heads into the last few days, we know from the polls that we have an opportunity to elect the first Alberta Party MLAs.  We know that the outcome of this election in many constituencies will be very close and we need to make sure that every single one of our supporters casts their vote for their local Alberta Party candidate. We know we can win seats, but we can only do so with your help.

Thank you so much for your support. It means the world to me. As we enter into the last few days, I am asking for your help one more time:

  • First, make sure that you vote! Make your plan now for when and how you are going to get to the polls. Click here for voting information.
  • Second, contact your friends and family and make sure they vote.

Again, thank you so much for your support and encouragement. Together we can send Alberta Party MLAs to the legislature!