Investing in 33 New Transit Projects

Provincial transit grants for things such as electric buses, light rail vehicles and a new LRT station will help make public transit a better choice for more Albertans.

Minister Mason and Mayor Iveson celebrate Albert Community Transit funding.

A total of 17 municipal transit systems will share $215 million from the new Alberta Community Transit Fund, launched in August 2018. Projects include the purchase of 15 new Light Rail Vehicles (LRVs) and 52 Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) buses in Calgary, as well as a dedicated bus lane on Terwillegar Drive and 28 new electric buses in Edmonton.

“These transit projects will help Albertans get to where they need to go in a timely and cost-efficient way while helping to reduce pollution and ease congestion. We know folks would rather spend time with their family versus sitting in traffic. That’s why we are investing in new ways for Albertans to get to where they are going.”

~Brian Mason, Minister of Transportation

“Ongoing investments in transit are critical for a big city like ours that continues to grow. Two big wins for us include being able to move forward with relieving car congestion for one of the fastest growing areas of the city while also being able to green our bus fleet. We are grateful to the Government of Alberta for recognizing these pressing needs that will both enhance the opportunities for Edmontonians to get around in our city and contribute to our climate resilience.”

~Don Iveson, mayor, City of Edmonton

“This funding is critical to our long-term plans for Calgary’s transit system. Adding Light Rail Vehicles and CNG buses to our fleet will help ensure our system is resilient into the future. This is great news for Calgary.”

~Naheed Nenshi, mayor, City of Calgary

Alberta Community Transit Fund investments help municipalities address the needs of their growing communities, while increasing environmentally sustainable transit options and improving rider experience.

Quick facts

  • The $215 million will be awarded to:
    • Calgary Metropolitan Region, $101.8 million
    • Edmonton Metropolitan Region, $95.4 million
    • Other communities, $17.8 million
  • In the first three years, the grants will be funded with $141.4 million from the Climate Leadership Plan.