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Investigation Continues into Calgary Officer-involved Shooting

On July 27, 2018, the Alberta Serious Incident Response Team (ASIRT) was directed to investigate the circumstances surrounding a Calgary Police Service (CPS) officer-involved shooting.

No one was injured due to the discharge of the firearm, but an officer’s discharge of a firearm at a person is presumed to be a serious incident under the Police Act and its related protocols.

In the late afternoon of July 27, 2018, CPS members saw a stolen Ford truck coming out of an alley in the 200 block of 20 Avenue NW. As officers followed, the occupants became aware of the police presence, at which time the driver, a 23-year-old man, began to drive the vehicle at high rates of speed and in a dangerous manner. Additional resources, including the CPS HAWCS police helicopter and the tactical unit, were called in. The driving presented a threat to public safety and police decided to make physical contact with the stolen vehicle to end the criminal flight. In the 9300 block of MacLeod Trail S., a tactical vehicle rammed the stolen truck, which was then successfully pinned in by other tactical vehicles just north of the collision scene. During this maneuver, a CPS member discharged his firearm. Once the truck stopped, both the man driving and his 24-year-old female passenger were taken into custody. First responders transported the man to hospital for treatment of minor injuries unrelated to the police discharge of a firearm.

Police recovered a sawed off shotgun and a small quantity of a controlled substance from inside the stolen vehicle after the arrest.

ASIRT’s investigation will focus on the circumstances surrounding the arrest and the officer’s discharge of a firearm. CPS maintains responsibility of the investigation into the criminal conduct of the occupants of the stolen vehicle.

As our investigation continues, ASIRT will not make any further comment until the matter concludes.

ASIRT’s mandate is to effectively, independently and objectively investigate incidents involving police that have resulted in serious injury or death to any person, as well as serious or sensitive allegations of police misconduct.

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