Interprovincial Trade Ranking: Minister Fir

Interprovincial Trade Ranking

Minister of Economic Development, Trade and Tourism Tanya Fir issued the following statement on Alberta leading the country in interprovincial trade:

Interprovincial Trade Ranking

“Today, the Montreal Economic Institute released its rankings of interprovincial trade, and I am proud that Alberta is awarded first place.

“Since forming government, we have removed 21 exceptions under the Canadian Free Trade Agreement. Our government has moved Alberta from having the third highest number of exceptions to having the fewest – and today’s first-place ranking is a testament to our bold action to establish a freer economy.

“Free trade between provinces is vital to creating jobs and growing Alberta’s economy. Internal barriers to free trade are estimated to cost Canada’s economy between $50 billion and $130 billion every year – that’s up to $9,300 per Canadian household.

“Albertans believe in the jobs and economic growth that come from increased free trade in Canada. Our government will continue to show bold leadership by eliminating barriers between provinces. We know that removing exceptions will bring jobs and investment to Alberta, and we will move unilaterally until other provinces follow our lead.”

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