International Plein Air Painters IPAP

“Art adds to a community, attracts a core of people who are creative and brings new ideas.
Artists have energy, enthusiasm and attract more of the same which is a really wonderful thing
for a community to have. Alberta needs more arts now more than ever.”

HG GLYDE – Member of the Group of Seven
Plein Air Painting in Rosebud AB in 1949

Landscape painters will invade Rosebud, AB on September 6th and 7th. Some of Alberta’s most talented outdoor painters will bring their paint boxes and easels to Rosebud AB which is well known for its stunning rural valley views, its arts community, historically significant buildings such as the Rosebud Hotel, Mercantile Block and the famous Rosebud Theatre. In addition, The Rosebud School of the Arts will be starting another year of drama studies with the future talents of the Canadian stage that very weekend.

This Plein Air PAINT OUT of 2019, which is happening in Rosebud for the very first time, coincides with International Plein Air Painters (IPAP) Worldwide Paint Out which has taken place on the first weekend in September for the past 17 years. Artists are expected from Calgary, Okotoks and throughout Central and Southern Alberta to converge on Rosebud AB on Sept 6th and 7th to paint outdoors throughout one of the most picturesque rural towns in Alberta.

Plein air artists seek the quality of natural light and atmosphere outdoors. Their art work is in direct response to the beauty they find in nature which is abundant in the unique arts village of Rosebud. They will use a variety of media, from oils, through watercolours and pastels to simple sketching. These artists encourage other artists to get out outside, paint with them, share their ideas and a love of nature and art. Artists of any kind including photographers are welcome to celebrate the beauty of the area. The public will be able to join in the fun by watching individual artists work as they move from painter to painter throughout the day on:

  • Friday September 6th – 1:00 – 7:00 pm
  • Saturday September 7th – 7:00 – 1:00 pm

A map will be posted in various business locations throughout the shops and facilities in Rosebud showing where each artist is developing a painting on the spot.

On Saturday September 7th, there will be an informal exhibit of the weekend’s work in thevillage which will be on view from 2:00 – 4:00 pm. The public is invited to come view the art and meet the artists.

Event organizer Valerie Speer: “There is a joy about painting outdoors. This is a chance for people to see professional artists at work, developing their paintings in response to the beauty in nature.”

Plein air painting developed in France in the mid 19th century and is becoming increasingly popular. Last year’s IPAP international event drew artists from all over the globe and many new plein air painting groups have been formed directly from this event over the years.

International Plein Air Painters, who has members residing throughout the world, is a blanket organization for individual plein air groups who wish to join. It was created for the sole purpose of advancing the execution and enjoyment of plein air painting without limitations of borders or regions.

This event is happening simultaneously in international locations and Rosebud AB is now part of this 17th WORLDWIDE group event hosted by International Plein Air Painters. You can join or show your support for IPAP or learn more about the group and see some of the many events happening posted on the website

2019 marks the 18th Anniversary of International Plein Air Painters
IPAP makes the Paint Out a yearly event.