International Education Week

November 17 – 21 is 2014 International Education Week – an annual event celebrated during the third week of November by over 100 countries around the world, including Canada.

It is also recognized by provincial and territorial governments active in international education. Alberta Education has participated since 2006.

International education provides students with exposure to other cultures, enriches their learning and prepares them to be citizens of the world.

In Foothills School Division, the number of international students continues to grow year by year. And many of our students participate in international learning opportunities as well.

Alberta students consistently score top marks on national and international tests – and the province’s reputation for having one of the world’s best primary education systems has made Alberta an attractive destination for international students.

In celebration of International Education Week, here are some interesting facts courtesy of the Canadian Bureau for International Education, based on 2012 data:

  • Canada ranks as the world’s 7th most popular destination for international students – with enrolment increasing by 94 per cent between 2001 and 2012.
  • Canada derives $8 billion annually from international student expenditures including tuition and living expenses.
  • Alberta is the fourth most popular study destination for international students – behind Ontario, B.C. and Quebec…Not really surprising as those three provinces are also home to almost 80 per cent of ALL students – both domestic and international.
  • Over half of the international students in Canada are studying at universities. About 15 per cent attend elementary, junior high or secondary schools.
  • International students come from all over the world – however, the top five countries of origin are China, India, Korea, Saudi Arabia and the U.S.
  • Since 2001, the number of Chinese students in Canada has increased by a whopping 296 per cent!
  • In 2009, 3.7 million people were studying outside their home country.
  • A study by the Canadian Bureau for International Education found that 91 per cent of employers value job candidates with international experience because it develops cross-cultural understanding.

Persuasive evidence for the value of international education experiences for students here at home and around the world!