Intermunicipal Development Plan: On Hold for Black Diamond-Turner Valley-MD of Foothills

Black Diamond and Turner Valley have requested that the Black Diamond / Turner Valley / MD of Foothills Intermunicipal Development Plan (IDP) be put on hold.

The IDP addresses land use and development issues that are of common interest between the three municipalities. It also identifies long term growth areas for the two Towns. Prior to undertaking the review the Towns had planned to continue to grow in different directions and remain physically separate, however input received at public information sessions and workshops indicated that there was significant interest in the community in the prospect of the Towns directing growth towards each other and eventually connecting.

The Towns want to study this prospect in greater detail by collaborating on a joint growth strategy that will assess their long term growth requirements, and will assess a range of options for the future growth of the Towns taking into account a comprehensive set of planning considerations. The joint growth strategy is expected to be completed this fall. Upon its completion the three municipalities will discuss options for moving forward in a manner that meets the needs and interests of all parties.


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An Interactive Planning Workshop was held on January 30, 2014.