Intergenerational Day: Minister Irfan Sabir

Intergenerational Day: Minister Irfan Sabir

Acting Minister of Seniors and Housing Irfan Sabir issued the following statement on Intergenerational Day:

Acting Seniors and Housing Minister Irfan Sabir signs the Intergenerational Day Declaration.

“Intergenerational Day (June 1st) is an opportunity to build understanding and bridge the gap between generations.

“Our government supports Albertans of all ages. We are investing in affordable child care, renovating and building new seniors lodges, and we recently passed legislation to protect Albertans from age discrimination.

“Albertans of all ages bring valuable experiences and knowledge to their communities. When we open up to one another, we can learn great things and build lasting friendships.

“Youth, adults and seniors can all experience isolation and loneliness. In our increasingly busy society, connection is more important than ever.

“This Intergenerational Day, take time to reach out to someone outside your age group. Our community is stronger when we come together and learn from one another.”