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Information for people whose vehicles were towed due to wildfires

The Government of Alberta has issued detailed information for people trying to find vehicles abandoned during the Fort McMurray evacuation.

Hundreds of vehicles were left along Highway 63 within Fort McMurray and to the north and south of the city. Vehicles were also abandoned on Highway 881.

The government has developed a process for people to safely retrieve abandoned vehicles. Vehicles that were left legally parked and did not impede emergency responders have not been towed and may not be retrieved at this time.

South of Fort McMurray

  • Vehicles abandoned on Highway 63 south of the Highway 63/881 junction may be retrieved by calling Highway 63 Towing & Recovery at 1-877-671-2717.
  • Vehicles are being stored at the Wandering River yard, roughly 230 kilometres north of Edmonton.

North of Fort McMurray

  • Vehicles abandoned on Highway 881 and on Highway 63 north of the Highway 63/881 junction may be retrieved by calling 310-4455.
  • This includes vehicles abandoned on Highway 63 with Fort McMurray urban limits and vehicles abandoned north of Fort McMurray.

Claiming your vehicle

  • To claim a vehicle, owners will need to provide their driver’s licence or other documentation and show that the vehicle registration matches the information on the driver’s licence.
  • We will help residents safely retrieve their vehicles by escorting small groups into the city on a first-come, first-served basis. Owners must first call 310-4455 to arrange access.
  • All people retrieving their vehicles will be escorted in and out of town by RCMP with no opportunities for detours or inspections of homes or businesses.
  • We can’t guarantee that retrieved vehicles will start. It will be necessary for the person who drove you to the RCMP checkpoint to wait for confirmation that you retrieved your vehicle and are able to drive to your desired destination.
  • Fuel will be provided to ensure that all retrieved vehicles can reach the nearest gas station.
  • Costs for towing, storage and some fuel to reach the nearest station will be covered by the Province of Alberta.

For current news and updates check the Alberta Emergency Updates

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