Incriminating Letter Reveals Serious Allegations of Wrongdoing at Service Alberta


EDMONTON, AB (March 2, 2015): Premier Jim Prentice must answer for an incriminating letter that contains a number of serious allegations of wrongdoing at Service Alberta that occurred under his watch, Wildrose Service Alberta Critic Rick Strankman said today.

The letter, written by Service Alberta Minister Stephen Khan to the Board Chair of the Alberta Motor Vehicle Industry Council (AMVIC) outlines alleged wrongdoings that may have occurred at AMVIC such as the regular misuse of administrative enforcement tools, inappropriate enforcement actions and administrative hearings that were not “fair, impartial and open.”

AMVIC has an important provincial mandate to promote trust and integrity in the province’s motor vehicle industry.  Strankman said any possible issues within AMVIC that would violate the trust of consumers must be brought to light.

“The actions that are alleged to have taken place at AMVIC in this letter are extremely serious,” Strankman said. “If Mr. Prentice is at all interested in keeping his promise of running an open and transparent government, he’ll immediately account for the contents of this letter.”

An example of the impact of improper oversight in the industry occurred this past summer after Calgary Police began investigating Treadz Auto for allegedly not returning money owed to vehicle owners after selling their car.

With the Investigative Operational Review into the policies and practices at AMVIC launched just recently, Strankman said Albertans deserve a definitive timeline for how long consumers have been victims of this alleged wrongdoing, and who should be held accountable.

“An apparent delayed response, combined with a lack of political openness or accountability from the ministry sends a very troubling message to Albertans,” Strankman said. “Given the history of this government to keep important information buried, we’re going to continue to press Mr. Khan and Mr. Prentice to release all the information from this report, until we’re satisfied Alberta consumers are not being taken advantage of.”