Increased Hunting, Fishing Fees Aid Outdoor Programs

Programs for Alberta fish, wildlife and habitat projects will be enhanced through increased fees for some hunting and fishing licences.

The increases, which come into effect April 1, 2015, were requested by the Alberta Conservation Association. A portion of the levies for hunting and fishing licences are directed to that organization to help fund its range of programs in support of fish, wildlife and outdoor activities.

“The Alberta Conservation Association does important work to help sustain and improve the outdoor experiences enjoyed by Albertans, and I’m pleased to help them expand on those efforts.”

~ Kyle Fawcett, Minister of Environment and Sustainable Resource Development

“Hunters and anglers of Alberta clearly told us that they would support a levy increase as long as we used the funds to increase our conservation efforts. We will ensure that we deliver on those expectations so that fish, wildlife and habitat benefit from the generous support provided by Alberta’s outdoor enthusiasts.”

~ Todd Zimmerling, Alberta Conservation Association

The majority of the increase in levy funds will go towards fish stocking, lake aeration, rehabilitation of native fisheries, enhancement of fish and wildlife habitat, pheasant release programs, and hunting and angling mentoring events like Kids Can Catch and the Taber Pheasant Festival.

Examples of increased fees include the cost of a resident sport-fishing licence rising to $28 from $25.66, and the cost of a resident white-tail deer hunting licence increasing to $39.95 from $36.95.

Increases apply to many – but not all – fishing and hunting licences issued in Alberta and will raise a total of $2 million in additional revenue, all of which will be directed to the ACA to fund its programs.

Hunting and fishing licence fees were last adjusted in 2008.