Income Verification Review will Help Tenants

Income Verification Review will Help Tenants

Government will review the income verification process to make applying for affordable housing easier for applicants and housing providers.

Income verification review will help tenants
Minister Pon with Greg Dewling (right) and Scott Russill to announce an income verification review in Edmonton to reduce red tape for tenants, applicants and housing providers.

The review will consider ways to simplify the information used to calculate the income of applicants and reduce the administrative burden on housing providers.

“Our government is committed to making housing affordable and accessible for Albertans. On the eve of National Housing Day, I am proud to announce a common-sense initiative to cut red tape and make the income verification process easier and more efficient for Albertans who apply for affordable housing.”Josephine Pon, Minister of Seniors and Housing

The current system can be complex and often requires households to provide documents from multiple sources to determine eligibility and calculate rent. Tenants, applicants and housing providers have said that the amount of paperwork can delay the review of applications.

Reduced administrative barriers will make the system easier to navigate for Albertans and more efficient for housing providers.

“This review will take a strategic look at how we can reduce red tape and make this approval process less complex and work better for Albertans seeking affordable housing. Thank you, Minister Pon, for listening to their needs and for taking this important step toward creating a more efficient income verification process.”Grant Hunter, Associate Minister of Red Tape Reduction

“Our vision for home is one that is customer-focused, sustainable and affordable. Through this initiative, we can support better outcomes for customers, reduce administrative barriers and continue to focus on providing safe and affordable homes for Albertans.”Greg Dewling, CEO, Capital Region Housing

This review is another step in our government’s commitment to reduce red tape by one-third and get Albertans back to work. By working together, we can continue to cut the unnecessary red tape that is holding back Alberta’s economy. Suggestions about where government can cut even more red tape can be submitted at