In Light Of #PRENTICEBLAMESALBERTANS, Wildrose Launches NotYourFault.CA


EDMONTON, AB (March 13, 2015): After Premier Jim Prentice pinned the blame on Albertans for years of PC waste and mismanagement, the Wildrose today launched a new website called where Albertans can sign up and join a movement dedicated to putting Albertans first.

Prentice has steadfastly refused to apologize for his comments telling Albertans to “look in the mirror” for the province’s fiscal woes.

“The PC government is blowing through billions on corporate welfare, hundreds of millions on MLA offices, created the most expensive government and highest paid politicians in the country,” Wildrose Leader Heather Forsyth said.  “Mr. Prentice has refused to apologize for his offensive comments and his PC government’s record, and we are inviting Albertans to sign up, join the Wildrose and fight back.”

For months, Prentice has been talking down to Albertans, acting like chicken-little, raising trial-balloons and shaking economic confidence by talking about the largest tax increase in Alberta history.

Forsyth said for Albertans who are tired of this type of PC entitlement, they can look to the Wildrose for new leadership dedicated to no tax increases, ending entitlement, shrinking the size of government and better front-line services.

“There are four parties talking about tax increases, and only one party talking about putting government back into the hands of Albertans and keeping taxes low,” Forsyth said. “For Albertans who are tired of the same old out-of-touch PC government, the Wildrose is the best alternative to restore government back to the hands of Albertans.”