Improving Safety on Alberta Highways

Alberta’s transport officers are inspecting hundreds of commercial vehicles as part of an international enforcement blitz from June 5 to June 7.

A Transport Officer inspects a commercial vehicle during Roadcheck 2018.

During the Roadcheck 2018 event, unsafe commercial vehicles and drivers will be taken off Alberta’s highways. Roadcheck is an annual operation carried out by members of the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance, including Canada, U.S. and Mexico. Officers share information with commercial vehicle drivers, check for compliance with federal and provincial regulations and collect inspection data.

“Albertans deserve to be safe in our communities and on our roads. This 72-hour annual blitz is an opportunity to ensure commercial vehicles are safe for our highways. Alberta’s Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Branch does important work to strengthen public safety by ensuring these vehicles are ready for the road.”

~Kathleen Ganley, Minister of Justice and Solicitor General

Inspections include an examination of each vehicle’s mechanical components, the driver’s credentials and logbook. This year, officers will focus on hours-of-service requirements, which means ensuring drivers are well-rested and safe to drive, and they have the information needed to comply with rules and regulations.

Quick facts

  • At the 2017 Roadcheck event, there were more than 600 vehicle inspections in Alberta during the 72-hour blitz.
  • The most commonly used vehicle inspection procedure, the North American Standard Level I inspection, involves 37 steps and an examination of components including:
    • brake systems
    • cargo securement
    • driveline/driveshaft components
    • exhaust systems
    • fuel systems
    • lighting devices
    • steering mechanisms
    • suspensions
    • tires
    • van and open-top trailer bodies
    • wheels, rims and hubs