Why I’m Backing Brian Jean: Pitt

Why I’m Backing Brian Jean: Pitt

July 22, 2017 will be a day that goes down in the political history books for Alberta.

Led by Brian Jean, conservatives of different stripes put their differences aside and came together for the greater good of Alberta.

That was a victory for the people of Alberta and the democratic process.

Altogether more than 50,000 Albertans bought memberships and voted to ratify an agreement bringing the Wildrose and PC parties together. On both sides, 95 per cent of members said yes to unity.

On the heels of that historic unity vote I couldn’t be more excited to endorse Brian Jean’s campaign for leadership of the United Conservative Party.

He guided conservatives together in our beautiful province and is the best choice to keep conservatives unified and save Albertans from the NDP.

He’s put together a bold policy vision with solutions to get our province back on track. He’s not afraid to share his priorities on policy, Brian’s a what-you-see-is-what-you-get kind of guy. Albertans can relate to that.

That’s why multiple independent, scientific polls show Brian Jean has the best chance of winning the next election. A recent poll showed that Brian’s the third most popular Albertan in the entire province, only behind Edmonton Oilers star Connor McDavid and Calgary Flames star Johnny Gaudreau. Another poll showed Brian 19 points ahead of his closest competitor, and that a Jean-led UCP would defeat the NDP by the largest margin.

Brian Jean’s campaign has massive momentum, but I want to tell you why I’m supporting Brian. He’s the reason I’m in politics.

I first met Brian in February 2015. He took me aside and asked me to run for Wildrose.

When I mentioned all the typical reasons why I didn’t want to run – having a young family being one – Brian told me that I need to run for my kids, for their future in a new Alberta.

That’s what Brian did. Brian ran for office to fix a broken healthcare system that failed his son. He knows firsthand the impact bad government policy can have on families and their loved ones.

That’s why he’s launched a positive policy vision that includes rebuilding the Alberta Advantage, standing up for Alberta and fixing equalization, putting patients first in Alberta’s health care system, protecting the dignity of every man, woman and child in Alberta’s justice system and focusing on financial, energy, and historical literacy in Alberta’s education system.

Brian’s solutions to fixing Alberta’s broken health-care system will put patients at the centre of the system, empowering local communities to make decisions that are the best for their own residents.

The lack of services in Airdrie is something that residents and local politicians have been concerned about—and lobbied the government for—for years. Yet little has been done to remedy the situation.

That would change under Brian’s leadership.

Over the rest of the campaign you’ll see time and time again, just like I have, Brian’s outstanding leadership.

While other candidates are intent on spreading misinformation and risking conservative unity in Alberta, Brian Jean will continue to travel to every corner of our province to earn the support of hardworking, everyday Albertans.

Alberta can’t risk another four years of the NDP. But we need your help to make Brian leader.

I hope that you’ll join me in buying a UCP membership before September 29th and voting Brian Jean for United Conservative Party leader on October 28th.

Together we will elect a leader, premier and government that’s here for Albertans.

Angela Pitt is the United Conservative MLA for Airdrie and is backing Brian Jean for leadership of the United Conservative Party.