If This Happens To You – Don’t React

If This Happens To You – Don’t React

By Pam Jones, Editor.

As I was happily working away on my laptop yesterday a robotic voice suddenly started talking to me. Talk about making someone jump!  I really must remember to keep my volume at 50%.

Anyway, it scared me enough for me to immediately contact Tanya and ask her to remote access into my laptop. Once she was there I turned the volume back on and she listened to the message.

“It’s a virus scam, Mom,” she said, “Don’t call the number.”

“That’s why I called you,” I said, “but how do you know it’s a scam?”

“Look at the address bar, the URL is not Microsoft.”

“But it has Microsoft’s Logo on it and I have a real-time virus scanner running, how come this got through?”

“It’s not actually a virus… it’s a pop-up and calling them and doing what they say to do is what would compromise your system or they’d try to get you to make a payment to get tech support that you don’t need. Even though it opened a tab, it’s still a pop-up and they’re usually triggered by some kind of action like a link click that causes a redirect. It could have been triggered by one of the websites you had open having been infected too,” Techie Tanya explained.

Please watch the video below that I screen-captured and Tanya uploaded to YouTube. If it should happen to you then please follow the instructions below the video.


Screen capture of a fake virus warning. Do NOT call the number. If you get something like this on your computer, ignore it, close it down, do NOT call the number. It is NOT Microsoft. Save and close down all of your programs, and run your normal virus scanner just to make sure (though it may come out clean). But do NOT call the number. If you don’t have a regular virus scanner download Malwarebytes for free and use the free version, it’s an excellent virus scanner.

This is another website that offers some further details of this type of scam: https://www.pcrisk.com/removal-guides/10977-microsoft-warning-alert-scam