Ideal Protein Protocol is a Way of Life ~ Black Diamond Pharmasave

Many people go on ‘diets’ to look and feel better. They struggle with restrictions, keep looking forward to the day when the unwanted weight has finally gone and then immediately put the weight back on.

This is normal – our bodies are built to gain weight not lose it.

But why do we put back on more than the amount we lost?

There is actually a scientific reason for this and understanding that reason will help us keep the unwanted weight off after we’ve lost it – provided we lose our fat, not our lean muscle.

There are two main ways to shed weight:

  1. Lose our fat and lean muscle in an equal proportion.
  2. Lose more fat than lean muscle

But how can we know which we’re losing?

The primary way is to be following a medically guided program that measures your lean muscle and your body fat content every step of the way.

Want to learn more about this scientific approach to weight loss and maintenance?

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